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SAP Data Custodian Receives Prestigious International Recognition

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A not-for-profit organization founded in 2000, the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP) is the largest and most comprehensive global information privacy community. Through their established outreach and resources, the organization aims to provide a platform for privacy professionals from all over the globe to share their knowledge, expertise, and practices. This platform has given way to a community that takes advantage of the opportunity to bounce ideas and educate one another, driving to further progress the field of information privacy. Their prominence within the field has also allowed them to initiate and bring available the only internationally recognized credentials in the practice (CIPP, CIPM, and CIPT).

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The IAPP annually recognizes and awards individuals and organizations that are making impacts on advancing the field of information privacy. Among these prestigious recognitions are the HPE-IAPP Privacy Innovation Awards. In consideration to obtain this award are programs and services recognized in global privacy and data protection that have proven to be frontrunning privacy implementation initiatives. A panel of judges rank nominations on a number of criteria including:

  • Depth of adoption
  • Thought, leadership and integration
  • Revenue and profitability enhancement
  • Enhanced competitiveness
  • Proportion of customers impacted
  • Return on investment

Awarded programs and services are acknowledged for providing their respective organizations competitive advantages through their customers’ and the general market’s trust. This year, we are ecstatic to report that one of the two Privacy Innovation Awards was presented to our very own SAP Data Custodian at the Privacy. Security. Risk. 2019 conference in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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SAP Data Custodian is a multi-cloud SaaS application that is designed to support public cloud data protection. Through extensive transparency and control over data stored in the public cloud, the application provides both external customers and internal lines of businesses the oversight of on-premise or private cloud environments while capitalizing on the benefits provided by the public cloud. With core values of improved governance; enhanced security awareness; increased business agility; heightened protection; and improved compliance reporting, SAP Data Custodian holds these closely and has upheld these through growth, leading to customer satisfaction and most importantly, instilled consumer trust.

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From the first set of winners in 2003, eBay and the Office of the CIO, Government of Alberta, to last year’s winners, GoDaddy and Trūata, the HPE-IAPP Privacy Innovation Awards has given way for recipients to be internationally recognized for their efforts in moving the field of information privacy forward. As the newest recipient of the award, SAP Data Custodian joins the likes of Microsoft, Barclays, Warner Bros, Intuit, and Allianz, engraving its name in the history books among information privacy leaders and innovators.

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We are proud of the SAP Data Custodian team for their hard work and dedication towards enhancing control and transparency in the public cloud, giving way for internal and external customers to innovate based on trust and confidence. Congratulations! This prestigious recognition spotlights SAP as a global leader and innovator within the field of information privacy.