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SAP Data Custodian – Now GA for AWS!

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This week at SAP TechEd Barcelona, SAP CTO Juergen Mueller along with AWS EC2 Vice President David Brown, announced the general availability of SAP Data Custodian on AWS. You can read more about the announcement and how some of our early customers will be utilizing SAP Data Custodian in this news article by SAP President of Product Engineering Thomas Saueressig, and GVP of SAP Global Cloud Services Thomas Lee. With this announcement, SAP displays more commitment to AWS customers and their journey navigating the data protection and regulatory compliance landscape. SAP Data Custodian helps protect customers from such risks by providing an extra layer of transparency and control. In this blog I will go in more detail regarding the partnership and how can SAP on AWS customers take advantage of some Data Custodian’s capabilities.

With SAP Data Custodian for AWS, customers can take advantage of the collaboration and new integration between SAP and AWS services. This also allows customers to stay ahead of evolving operations, security, business trends, and the challenges of regulatory compliance. The goal of our partnership is to provide our customers with the most comprehensive, unified, and protected cloud experience.

SAP on AWS customers can now address issues surrounding accesses to their SAP data such as who accesses it, how as well as where where the data resides. They can classify data based on functionally or sensitivity, then build the appropriate policies to protect data and maintain compliance. These policies can be built from scratch or from available templates that will be recommended based on the data. Customers can block or allow access based on regulatory or business requirements. These capabilities are available regardless of where the event occurs in the stack; the AWS infrastructure, SAP HANA, or S/4HANA. Speaking of S/4HANA, Data Custodian provides more contextual access control capabilities so customers can hide certain data based on attributes or characteristics customers provide, like location, job type, or citizenship. Additionally, with SAP Data Custodian own Key Management Service (KMS), customers now have a modern FIPS 140-2 Level 3 key management service from SAP, to SAP HANA, where they are in control of SAP HANA keys. Of course with all the goodness you expect from SAP around enterprise readiness, resiliency and reliability. What’s unique about this for SAP on AWS customers is the ability to integrate SAP Data Custodian KMS with AWS key services like AWS KMS or AWS CloudHSM, allowing customers to utilize services from both companies as they see fit.

This announcement helps customers remain protected, informed, and in-control of their SAP data, regardless of which cloud it is on. We are committed to investing in customers’ data protection in the cloud, ensure they feel confident with our strategy, and effectively keep them in the know.

We are continuously working with customers to understand more of their use cases and add more capabilities. We’ll be happy to work with you! If you are at SAP TechEd Barcelona, visit booth 40 to learn more about SAP Data Custodian, or visit our product page.