InCountry’s Year in Review

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As the new year rolls in, we wanted to take a moment and look back on last year, then look forward to what appears to be a packed year for data residency, InCountry, and our customers and partners.

While InCountry was in stealth for 2 years, 2019 was the year we launched. Immediately, we saw incredible interest with what we’re building. Data regulations around the globe have been increasingly becoming tougher as more and more countries establishing their own data residency and localization requirements and companies having to strategize and adopt their businesses to them. Companies looking to expand into new countries are having to take into account compliance complexities and costs, slowing down their plans and projected growth.

In 2019, we grew the team to almost 100 employees with offices in San Francisco, Singapore, Australia, Belarus, and the Russian Federation, with plans for more global expansion very soon. We launched several products, with more vertical solutions coming soon and integrations with partners. 

2020 is in no doubt looking up to be a transformational year for data regulations and InCountry is positioned to take full advantage of it, helping our customers safely expand into new geographies and turn country compliance challenges into growth opportunities.

We thank you for your support and wish you a successful 2020! We are here to partner with you and solve your new decade data residency challenges!