InCountry Named Winner In The SaaS Awards 2020

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Here at InCountry, we’re excited to announce that we’ve been selected as a winner for the 2020 SaaS Awards in the ‘Bespoke SaaS Solution of the Year’ category, for our work as a leading data-driven SaaS product that is helping companies meet their customers’ data residency needs to avoid stunted growth.  

Since launch, we have been hyper-focused on helping companies grow their business internationally while meeting all current and new data regulatory requirements. Today, our first-of-its-kind product offering that securely processes, retrieves, and stores sensitive and regulated data, such as profile, payment, finance, and health data, is available in over 80+ countries across six continents. 

“We are honored to have our SaaS solution recognized by The SaaS Awards,” says Peter Yared, CEO and Founder of InCountry. “Digitization has increased exponentially due to the pandemic.

Just last month, the EU decided to abandon the EU-US Privacy Shield, affecting international business operations for more than five thousand companies. Now more than ever, companies need to ensure they are compliant amongst a breath of regulations they were not privy to previously. Our team continues to develop inventive solutions to help companies comply with data regulations, and we are ecstatic to have our accomplishments continuously recognized.”

InCountry for SaaS

Today, 132 out of 194 countries have enacted data privacy legislation. Countries are increasingly implementing data regulations to keep citizen’s privacy secure. This individualized approach will continue to disrupt global business, and InCountry is devoted to solving this problem while maintaining the privacy, security, and protection of our customers’ information. 

By providing easy-to-integrate solutions, we are helping companies use best-of-class global SaaS products, like Salesforce and ServiceNow, while still operating in compliance and keeping data within a country’s borders to avoid any risk of sanctions, potential lawsuits, or removal from countries entirely. As such, our platform has quickly become the most compliance-ready and secure way to use these products. This award solidifies our position at the forefront of this industry and demonstrates our commitment to furthering our work.

“Software-as-a-service’s force for positive disruption never seems to abate, with seemingly unending solutions for modern business,” said James Williams, head of operations for the SaaS Awards, “This year is, of course, a special case, with SaaS not only at the forefront of remodeling existing business processes, but also agilely responding with pioneering solutions to unavoidable global disruptions. Indeed, SaaS technologies are now celebrated as providing new and inventive ways for organizations to perform what might have once seemed simple tasks in a changing international landscape. From fulfilling orders to arranging meetings, SaaS technologies are more critical than ever. It is our joy at the SaaS Awards to celebrate the innovations that fuel business, although, of course, compiling this year’s shortlist has been more difficult than ever. “

The SaaS Awards, a program that stems from a sister program called the Cloud Awards, is an annual awards program that recognizes innovation and distinction in software solutions. Winners are selected from a panel of international industry experts with a mind to acknowledge established or startup organizations that aim to shape the future of SaaS innovation. In its fifth year of celebrating software innovation, the SaaS Awards accepted hundreds of entries worldwide, including the US, Canada, Australasia, EMEA, and the UK.

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