My journey getting to where I am

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Our VP of Product explains his journey to success and what’s to come from our new partnership with Intertrust

Our VP of Product, Samer Kamal, came to the US as a ‘Dreamer’ and learned the skill of making uncomfortable situations comfortable by understanding that challenges help him grow as a person and improve in his career.

In this episode of The Executive Podcast, Samer sits down with the host Brian Thomas, to discuss beneficial technology tools for new companies, personal growth, and InCountry’s recent partnership with Intertrust Technologies.

They reflect on:

  • Samer’s early life as he immigrated to the US and the skills he learned from it
  • The new and emerging technologies that he utilizes in the tech industry
  • How the motto “If it’s not broken, don’t fix it” comes into play in product management
  • His marketing tool recommendations for early startups
  • The new partnership between InCountry + Intertrust and the utilization of SaaS applications