Announcing InCountry on Yandex.Cloud: Your Secure and Compliant Path into Russia

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The InCountry partnership ecosystem is always based on one important statement: “Global apps, local compliance.” This means we need to be there, no matter where our clients prefer to set up their companies. To help them secure their data, meet local regulations, and ultimately boost their businesses. To offer the best local qualifications and experience, we always aim to work with the best partners possible when entering a market, which is why we’ve entered into an agreement with Yandex.Cloud in Russia. 

The Russian Federation market is growing rapidly, and global international players are frantically trying to take advantage of the market and win local customers. However, highly regulated industries such as financial institutions, healthcare, and e-commerce, all are having similar problems accomplishing this. 

These problems center around data protection, legislated mainly by laws No. 152 FZ and No. 242 FZ, which require companies to store the data of Russian citizens within the country. Russia is a promising market, but strict regulations require companies to achieve compliance before fully entering the country. To accommodate international companies while keeping Russian citizens’ data secure, 152 FZ does allow foreign companies to simply keep a copy of data in Russia by signing an agreement with a local cloud storage provider. 

This gives Russian cloud providers an essential role in the growing market, in addition to their inherent expertise in how to serve the market. The largest Russian cloud provider, Yandex.Cloud, then becomes an excellent partner for international companies seeking access to and compliance with the Russian market. 

The natural fit and their unmatched track record in security and transparency is precisely why InCountry sought to work with Yandex.Cloud. In just over 3 years in the market, Yandex.Cloud has become the preeminent Russian provider and established a base that is primed for further growth. That industrialism, together with InCountry’s unique compliance solution, equates to the easiest, most secure, and most efficient way of continuing to use your applications in Russia, regardless of where it’s deployed.

With InCountry on Yandex.Cloud:

  • The customer is always the owner of their data 
  • The customer manages their data and provides the ‘’game rules’’ 

The InCountry platform is fully customizable to provide you maximum flexibility based on what data needs to be stored and processed and the applications you use. If you want to see all this for yourself, we’ll be hosting a webinar with Yandex.Cloud on September 29th about the business aspects of data-residency in Russia. Register for that event here.

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