oin the Pure Storage SAP team at our annual conference, Accelerate. Besides announcing new products and services, the conference will have insightful talks on stage from passionate people in the enterprise world. We will have several SAP sessions speaking about our Copy Automation Tool (CAT) for SAP and how it simplifies the SAP system-copy process. We will also speak about our Big Data solutions for SAP, and going beyond just hosting traditional and HANA databases. These days digital enterprises are seriously considering taking on new innovations in the Big Data, AI and ML world. Together with partners such as NVIDIA, Pure Storage offers AI infrastructure to take on such projects quickly and successfully. SAP HANA on FlashArray and AI/BigData on FlashBlade enables enterprises to properly tackle any type data anywhere it is coming from. Speaking of talks on stage, I will lead a panel speaking with some of our SAP customers on how they use Pure to simplify managing their SAP applications and bring their overall bill lower.

For all of this and more education and networking, visit San Fransisco on May 22 and attend our conference. Tweet me for discount!