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Do you remember the last time your organization’s most mission critical application went down? No matter what your role is, even as just an end-user, you are still thinking “oh $***, what happens now”? Believe me, your application administrators are also thinking the same.

Organizations with mission-critical applications such as SAP S/4HANA, have a serious task at hand. It is the task of minimizing downtime of a production environment in the event of an outage or upgrade. As each minute of these businesses becomes increasingly more valuable, this task becomes more critical. Therefore, companies need to be cognizant in terms of not just implementing a simple disaster recovery plan that actually works when disaster hits.

I am happy to announce Pure Storage ActiveCluster has been tested for SAP HANA systems. Our SAP customers can now take advantage of all the breakthrough benefits of ActiveCluster. With the introduction of ActiveCluster for SAP, customers can improve their SAP data protection in different scenarios. One scenario is in a multi-site synchronous environment with no interruption to mission-critical operations. ActiveCluster requires two Pure Storage nodes configured as high-availability (HA) node pair. The HA pair stores and replicates data between the two modes synchronously, providing data resiliency. In case of storage failure on the primary side, SAP HANA application will be running uninterrupted on the secondary storage. This is a zero RTO and zero RPO scenario.


The second scenario is for farther distances. A Remote Disaster Recovery scenario where SAP HANA is deployed on two different hosts with ActiveCluster enabled storage. In case of a failure on the primary site which includes primary host and storage, SAP HANA application can be recovered on the secondary site. This is not a zero RTO scenario.

At Pure, we believe simplicity reduces errors.  This is of extreme importance in SAP environments, adding more options to customers looking to deliver on such a large investment. If you’re considering adopting SAP HANA, Pure Storage ActiveCluster offers a flexible, efficient, and simple solution for business continuity. You no longer have to sacrifice resiliency for fast operations, and you can focus on doing what is important for your organization. For more information, check out our newly released white paper here discussing these scenarios in further detail and how to deploy ActiveCluster for SAP HANA.