Blog: CAT for SAP – Release Update: True System-Copy Automation

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At Pure, we are pretty much obsessed with simplification and automation. We love tackling tedious tasks our customers have and offer them solutions that could simplify running their applications. Most recently, we announced Pure Service Orchestrator where customers can build and deploy scale-out, micro services applications easily on Pure. Another exciting announcement was a new reference architecture for Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform. Now developers can provision new applications and databases in seconds! This gives Pure customers the power to start their development cycle easily while continue to take advantage of the Pure platform they’ve grown to love and rely on.
Similarly the mission-critical application world has been an area we show just as much love to. This is an area infested with complicated applications requiring complicated infrastructure to run it on. It requires many resources and tools to manage and run these applications. At the end of the day, connecting all the dots will cost a lot more than initially planned. This is what our SAP practice challenges every day. Speaking with our customers at SAP SAPPHIRE and Pure Accelerate, they clearly told us how much they love and rely on our “CAT for SAP” tool. However, our customer love to challenge us and they’ve asked us to look into automating the complete SAP system-copy process. Including the ever-long process of BDLS. Well customers, your wish has been granted in the newest release of the tool.
In version the newest release of “CAT for SAP”, we’ve achieved a true end-to-end automation of the SAP refresh and copy process from Production to Test systems. The complete process from taking systems down to bringing them up can be achieved with a click of a button. Set the tool once, refresh your SAP systems automatically anytime.
While there are other tools out there that can achieve something comparable to what we have here, none can come close to our complete automation, simplicity and cost. What matters to us more than anything is our customers’ project success. CAT for SAP comes delivered to all Pure Storage customers as part of their Evergreen subscription and at no additional cost.
Interested? Contact me and we’d love to show you a live demo!