Blog: SAP HANA on Pure – Setup and Best Practices

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The Pure Storage SAP practice is growing quickly as we work closely with SAP to build high-performance data processing platforms that help enterprises accelerate their core data. As markets become more competitive, these enterprises are accelerating their journeys toward becoming more intelligent. Being on the right platform from the beginning of your SAP HANA journey keeps you on the speed lane adopting more innovations, taking advantage of flexible infrastructure and cost-cutting approaches with the least amount of risk and the highest amount of predictive cost. Our SAP solutions value data efficiently as Pure is THE storage vendor to put NVMe into commercial use. Specifically designed for the heavily-loaded critical applications, Pure’s all-flash storage surpasses all the storage requirements of enterprise-class applications such as SAP HANA and gives it the reliability and performance it needs.

In parallel to announcing our new product line at Accelerate, we announced its complete SAP HANA certification, which you can find on SAP’s Certified and Supported SAP HANA Hardware page here. The performance results were epic, all while running up to 44 nodes in production. Later on, we laid out our reference architecture with one of our partners, Lenovo. Now, we detail our best practices guide for building SAP HANA systems on top of our new //X line. Besides detailing all the components and recommendations, we talk about taking advantage of WFS on Purity//Run and building the SAP HANA shared file-system on NFS.

There are many ways to run SAP HANA. Unlike traditional storage architectures, the Pure Storage FlashArray does not require customers to compromise on resiliency and simplicity for the sake of performance. Whether you are looking to get started with SAP HANA, or migrating an existing HANA environment, the FlashArray is the ideal platform for maximizing your HANA investment.

One more thing! If you or any of your team members are making it to VMWorld 2018, stop by our booth to meet the team and hear first hand some more exciting news about running SAP on Pure.